A Day at Stanford University

Photographs by Linda Cicero 

Deborah Gruenfeld, presented “Playing High, Playing Low or Playing it
Straight—Acting with Power.” She is Stanford’s Moghadam Family
Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, Graduate School
of Business.
Lunch at Stanford’s Bing Performing Arts Center Atrium
“Boredom, The Real Secret Behind Innovation” was presented by Mark Applebaum, Associate Professor of Composition, School of Music, Stanford University. Applebaum performed at Stanford’s
Bing Performing Arts Center
Stanford University President John L. Hennessy, right, and Salman Khan, Founder, The Khan Academy, participated in a panel discussion,
“What Are We Learning? Online Education: Evolutionary or Revolutionary.
“The Power of Story: At the Crossroads of Brand, Ideas & Meaning” was presented by Jennifer Aaker, Stanford’s General Atlantic Professor
of Marketing, Graduate School of Business.
Banny Banerjee, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Stanford Change Labs, Stanford University d.school, presented “Designing the Future.”