Seminarians are a highly select group of the most senior communications and public affairs professionals drawn, by invitation, from leading global companies, organizations and universities.





THE SEMINAR SEEKS THE “BEST OF THE BEST”—leaders of high professional standing and deep experience. Invitations are extended to the top communications and public affairs executives at Fortune 500 corporations and other leading global companies, to a select group of organizations and public relations firms of significant stature, and to top communications and public affairs executives at leading universities and non-governmental organizations.

Participation is by invitation only. Invitations are limited to one leader per organization and extended to the most senior communications and public affairs professional. They must be known to and nominated by two current Seminarians, one of whom must be a member of The Seminar Committee or former Chair. Invitations are re-examined annually. Assuming regular attendance at The Seminar and conformance to other criteria, such as continued senior leadership status, invitations are customarily reissued each year. Invitations are limited to about 300 Seminarians in total.

Participation and Evaluation

SEMINARIANS ARE NOTED as a highly articulate group. Not only do we mix it up with our colleagues, we mix it up with our speakers. Extended Q&A following presentations is another hallmark of The Seminar, and spirited dialogue after each session is common. Underlying the success of the program year after year are Seminarians’ critical assessment of speakers and other aspects of the program. Detailed evaluations are completed by attendees and are professionally analyzed and presented to The Seminar Committee following each Seminar. They are vital in planning for the next year.